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40" Mighty BrightŪ Balloon Shape Mighty Margarita

40" Mighty BrightŪ Balloon Shape Mighty Margarita
Quantity in Stock: 116
$6.10  CAN Dollars
This Balloon Appears in the Following Categories:

Beverage/Food, Jumbo Other, New Years, Bridal Shower
Product Code: 35882
Size: 40
Print: Double Sided
Other Details: Self Sealing Mylar Balloon, sold unpackaged.
Make: Betallic
UPC: 030625358828

Other Balloons in Categories or Related Balloons
21" Mighty BrightŪ Balloon Mighty Lime
21" Mighty BrightŪ Balloon Mighty Lime

Balloon Inflatable-Toy Size: 21"
Print: Double Sided
Make: Betallic
Other: Self Sealing Mylar Balloon, sold unpackaged.
Wholesale Discount Price:

$2.58 CAD

Product Code: 14359
Quantity in Stock: 90

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Helium Balloon Chart

Common Sizes listed below.

18" Foil (Mylar) Helium Balloons 0.50 Cubic Feet
Jumbo Foil (Mylar) Helium Balloons 1-2.5 Cubic Feet
9" Latex Helium Balloons 0.25 Cubic Feet
11" Latex Helium Balloons 0.50 Cubic Feet
17" Latex Helium Balloons 2 Cubic Foot
3 Foot (inflated to 2.5-3 foot) 8-15 Cubic Foot

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At Bargain Balloons Canada (Operated in Canada by Special Buys Inc) we strive to offer the lowest possible Canadian wholesale prices on Foil Balloons (mylar balloons, metallic balloons) and other balloon accessories.  We are able to do this because we purchase in large volume and therefore can pass the savings onto you.  We also limit our own expenses which means not printing catalogs and not taking phone orders.  Your Canadian mylar balloon order is shipped from Toronto, Canada.  That means no customs fees etc... at the border.  We look forward to shipping you your first balloon order or shipping you your second, third....hundredth etc.... balloon order.

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