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We are a balloon distributor. Our balloons are not inflated when delivered.

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Update on Out of Stock

Our goal is to have stock of every product. During Covid, the demand for balloons did not change much. However, manufacturers and distributors were forced to close. The restock situation seems to be getting worse. Some manufacturers are out of stock of as much as 75% of what we order from them. This has led to a growing out of stock situation on our website. We are doing our best to order additional stock, but it will likely take the manufacturers a while before everything returns to normal. Please plan ahead and order additional supplies whenever we have stock available.

What is causing the out of stock issues?

(1) Many manufacturers were closed for weeks or longer causing production delays that have been difficult to resolve. Some are currently closed.
(2) Manufacturers are having difficulty recalling their staff because of Covid or finding it difficult to hire new staff.
(3) New safety measures due to Covid have slowed down production.
(4) Manufacturers rely on supplies coming from various sources to make balloons. Any delays in the supply chain cause delays producing product.
(5) Manufacturers are telling us there is a shortage of film to produce foil balloons.

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